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Play dough Sunday

It had been a few years since I had made play dough. Miss 6 was now distracted by so many other things and I could never quite trust Mr 2 to not try eating it. But I decided to whip up a batch to keep them amused yesterday. I found my recipe, scrounged about for […]

Banana and Raspberry muffin delight

I don’t know about you but my children’s passion for bananas comes and goes in waves. Some weeks they are gone in 2 days and there are the weeks when they slowly but surely turn into a mushy mess. That’s when I try to find the time to throw them in a bowl and make […]

Choc choc chip (chunk) cookies

I have my moments channelling Nigella, sometimes I can cook up a storm of treats and dishes on a weekend. But this year I have been cooking less and less. I think it mostly comes from having to hide everything from Mr Two, otherwise all he would want to eat (if he can see it) […]


I think if I had the means I could easily be a shopaholic. Instead I have to make do with a Pinterest board dedicated to all my dream purchases. However today was one of those days when I actually had to BUY something. I know, what a horrible thing to have happen. So in a […]