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Nellie, our Paper Elephant - Paper Elephant

Nellie, our Paper Elephant

By Nykke

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Some time ago I started my blog (and proceeded to fail at maintaining it). I am trying really hard to not do so again. But I just happened to come across one of my original posts and thought I would share it again for all of those who never saw the original and have asked us about our press, Nellie.


An unusual name I know, especially since most people name their presses something indicative of it’s origin, so a Heidelberg Windmill is often named things like Heidi or something German in origin. And I have to admit to briefly considering calling her Broomhilda, it just seemed to embody (pun intended) the ample proportions of this lovely lady. And before you ask, yes I think of this looming beast of a machine as a female. It’s one of those things that’s inevitable when you work so closely with something. She deserved a name so therefore, in my opinion, had to be given a sex.

But back to the name Nellie, which is a bit of a combined story as to how we came up with the name Paper Elephant. Way back in 2004 my husband and I travelled to Thailand for our honeymoon. We made our way to Chiang Mai to spend three days training as a mahout at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. It was an amazing experience and after spending all day every day with these majestic animals it’s hard not to be affected, especially when a 200kg+ baby elephant sucks on your arm for a good ten minutes. So elephants have come to have an extra special meaning to us.


A few years on we had a little (human) baby of our own with an insatiable passion for music (played over and over and over… you get the idea). But one particular song was always sweet for us: Nellie the Elephant. I won’t go through the words for you, but that song always brought a smile to my face, so our new (non-human) baby became Nellie, our own little elephant, just one that likes paper instead of pineapples and sugar cane. So then Paper Elephant press was born.